New Version 4.3.7

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### Version 4.3.7
* Add Command:
* G34: Set Delta Height calculated from toolhead position (only DELTA)
* M930: TMC set blank_time.
* M931: TMC set off_time.
* M932: TMC set hysteresis_start.
* M933: TMC set hysteresis_end.
* M934: TMC set fast_decay_time.
* M935: TMC set disable_I_comparator.
* M936: TMC set stealth_gradient.
* M937: TMC set stealth_amplitude.
* M938: TMC set stealth_freq.
* M939: TMC switch stealth_autoscale.
* M940: TMC switch StealthChop.
* M941: TMC switch ChopperMode.
* M942: TMC switch interpolation.
* M524: Abort the current SD print job (started with M24). (Requires SDSUPPORT)
* M223: T[extruder] S[bool] set Filrunout Logic.
* M224: T[extruder] S[bool] set Filrunout Pullup.
* M666: L delta segment per line.
* M851: Set X Y Z Probe Offset in current units, set speed [F]ast and [S]low, [R]epetititons. (Requires Probe)
* M413: S[bool] Enable / Disable Restart Job. (Requires SD_RESTART_FILE)
* M800: S goto to lcd menu. With no parameters run restart commands. (Requires SD_RESTART_FILE)
* Add Text Menu to Nextion Display
* Add sound function
* Add LCD menu for switch Sound [on – silent – off]
* Add pause before deploy/stow for user confirmation
* Add second serial for arduino due
* Add PCF8574 Expansion IO for pin 120 – 121 – 122 – 123 – 124 – 125 – 126 – 127
* Fix M800 for restart job
* Fix error with lcd 44780 with progress bar active
* Fix M205 with Delta and Junction active
* Fix Dogm LCD
* Add Status menu anim option for graphic display
* Add progress bar to heater when heating
* Add Text Menu SD to Nextion
* Add Support USB FLASH DRIVE such as SD
* Fixed GFX overlay with Nextion when printing from USB
* Fix and clear code

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  1. predator75

    questa sera proverò questa nuova release nella mia stampante 🙂
    Vorrei chiedere se è possibile nel configuratore fare accettare i valori 0 per i seguenti settaggi:

    perchè se metto Z_PROBE_DEPLOY_HEIGHT a 0 lo salva con valore nullo, dunque va in errore durante la compilazione
    mentre Z_PROBE_BETWEEN_HEIGHT con valore 0 lo resetta a 10

    la mia stampante ha solo un micro switch che dice quando fermarsi allo Z minimo