New Version 4.3.3 stable

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* Add command M306 – Set Heaters parameters.

* Add G26 Mesh validation

* Update Nextion Firmware with new graphics by Mr Goblin.

* New calculation system for thermistors

* Add command M305 – Set thermistor and ADC parameters and DHT sensor parameters

* Add M303 R<Method> 0 = Classic Pid, 1 = Some overshoot, 2 = No Overshoot, 3 = Pessen Pid

* Unified commands M320 and M420 in M420 for all Bed Level

* Add subcode to M106 – P<fan> S<speed> F<frequency> U<pin> L<min speed> I<inverted logic>

* Add option for SD card SDCARD_SORT_ALPHA (By Marlin)

* Add M36 – Set SD Card Sorting Options

* Add Unified Bed Level (UBL) for Cartesian, Core and Delta

* Add support for DHT11, DHT21 and DHT22 Temperature/Humidity sensors (Only for test)

* Add subcommand S to M600 for change temperature

* New Class Heater for 4 Hotend 1 Bed 1 Chamber 1 Cooler

* Now Probe offset is a variable.

* New command for compatibility with Marlin, M851 X Y Z for setting Probe Offset

* New management commands

* New classes created

* Many changes made

* Add Adafruit NeoPixel Led

* Add Extruder Encoder for control filament movement (Experimental)

* Now all types of delta autocalibration can be done with probe_manually and lcd

* Create class bedlevel and probe

* G30 now have Z e P sub command. Z1 modify Delta Height and P1 modify Probe Z offset.

* Add Hardware PWM for SAM processor

* Add M114 D for Detail position, leveled, unlevel, stepper

* Add MKR12 system for 12 extruder with 16 relé and 4 driver

* Support to 12 Extruder

* Add support for PCA9632 PWM RGB LED

* Add support DAV System (By D’angella Vincenzo)

* Swap on Alligator board Heater_0 with Heater_Bed because this pin is Hardware PWM.

* Add User menu LCD

* Write Kinematic function for Cartesian, Core and DELTA. SCARA for now not implemented.

* Add ADVANCED PAUSE FEATURE (Ex Filament Change. Requires an LCD display)

* Add PARK HEAD ON PAUSE (Park head on SD pause or M125 commands. Requires an LCD display)

* Add M125 – Store current position and move to pause park position.

* Add automatic call M600 with one extruder and ADVANCED PAUSE FEATURE when change tools

* Add STATUS MESSAGE SCROLLING. The message on lcd scroll right to the left.

* Add ANET board for A2, A6 and A8 printer

* Add ANET full graphics lcd

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Comments (5)

  1. Avatar deca86it

    Ho appena provato a caricare il firmware 4.3.3 sulla mia Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, ho riscontrato problemi nella regolazione di “DELTA_HEIGHT”. Nello specifico non sembra poter superare il valore di 280.
    Ho provato ad impostarlo diversamente trami te IDE arduino, e tramite interfaccia direttamente sulla stampante.

  2. Avatar silvanopas

    Ho notato che in questa versione non corrisponde la tabella delle termocoppie con la precedente versione, se importo la configurazione dalla 4.3.2 la tabella è sfasata di un posto. E’ giusto?

  3. Avatar leflio

    would it be possible to add the screen 3.5 “from nextion.
    thank you

  4. Avatar AlexBor

    Grazie! Va tutto bene! Dove posso scaricare il file hmi per la versione 4.3.3? Grazie!

  5. Avatar ozzy

    Hi guys.
    In this version, why did you break REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER ?

    in the developer’s version on MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RURAMPS4D of all worked)))))