New Version 4.3.4 stable

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* CaseLight use Neopixel by Original Marlin
* Add command M123 – Set Logic Endstop
* Add command M124 – Set Pullup Endstop
* Add command M603 – Set filament change
* Add command M701 – Load Filament
* Add command M702 – Unload Filament
* Replaced easy bowden with filament change load & unload
* Save Logic and Pullup Endstop to EEPROM
* Fix and clear code

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  1. Avatar Andrew Higginbotham

    Hi, great configuration tool and firmware. I installed it on my Ramps Plus2 (bt7200) board and configured very easily. I am having one issue maybe you can help me with. I have a BLTouch configured as z-min as well. I am also using the safe home feature. When homing the BLTouch works fine with no issue. When I use the bed level feature it homes ok and then goes to the first measure point and measures, then the BLTouch retracts as the z axis moves away from the bed the pin releases and touches the bed too soon before it moves out of the way fully. This causes a probe error. Any idea why? Is it a big or am I missing a configuration in the auto bed level some where?

    Thanks again for a great project!

  2. Avatar giuseppe

    ho una camera calda, ho installato il firmware 4.3.4 ma come accendo la camera?

  3. accidenti, vorrei passare a questo firmware dal marlin proprietario che ho adesso ma nell’autoconfiguratore online mi perdo e non riesco ad andare avanti, ho una delta 🙁

  4. Avatar digiman22003

    First of all thanks to you prepare a webpage to helping us.
    I tried to use 4.3.4 configurator tool and select arduino due, corexy prineter and reprapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller for LCD. After downloading I cheked them but I saw default configuration file for Arduino Mega and cartersian printer and not full graphic LCD. Why? Did I select someting wrong? Could you please send it to me that correct file to my email? Thanks for your support.

  5. Avatar winky

    Sperando di far cosa gradita e spero utile (la 4,3 non la conosco quasi affatto per cui facile sia già una cosa nota e nel caso me ne scuso) – per chi usa S3D e non riesce a connettere la macchina, su S3d >Strumenti>configurazione del firmware>Comunicazione – disabilitare la spunta si “Attendi per comando di avvio: start.
    E anche S3d riprenderà a funzionare.
    Con la 4.1.2 (di solito uso quella) non ce ne era bisogno.
    Nota: la sopra citata nota serve solo per S3D in quanto Repetier, cura ed altri non hanno manifestato questo “inghippo”
    Buona giornata a tutti.