New Version 4.3.6

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### Version 4.3.6
* Make class Mechanics to static
* Add Junction Deviation instead of traditional Jerk limiting
* Add Adaptive multiaxis step smoothing
* Add M205 J – Set Junction Deviation mm
* Add Bézier Jerk Control
* Add Safety Timer, after 30 minutes if not printing (SD or M530 S1) the heaters switch off.
* Rewrite SD Restart for auto restart when power loss and return.
* Add command gcode M569 for Stepper driver control: Dir, minimum pulse and maximum rate.
* Add Hysteresis in EEPROM
* Fix and clear code

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  1. darsce

    salve a tutti, ho problemi con la 4.3.6, in pratica ho una prusa i3 clone, dove ho cambiato motori e scheda di controllo, quando faccio gli assi x e y sono ok, il problema è la z, con home della z x e y fanno uno scattino per fare i loro assi, ma poi non si spostano per far fare home della z, che si muove verso il basso ma ovviamento non c’e’ il piano sotto. uso una bltouch. da notare che se compilo marlin con marlinconfigurator questo non accade, compilato con quello sposta tutto senza problemi. quindi deduco che mi sia perso qualcosa durante la configurazione di marlinkimbra. uso una mks ge 1.4 con tmc2208 collegatai con resitenze 1k per far comunicare con la scheda.

  2. Irukandji

    Salve, ho una Anycubic Delta Kossel Linear Plus e sto riscontrando questo problema… come lancio la stampa di un file, setto il riscaldamento del piatto a 60° e l’ugello a 192 (PLA).. come arriva a 180, la temperatura diminuisce fino a 177 per poi risalire a 180 e così via, in loop. Inoltre anche la temperatura del piatto oscilla tra i 58 e i 63 gradi… in questo modo non posso stampare nulla… potreste aiutarmi a capire il problema?

  3. deca86it

    Con questa versione la mia stampante (anycubic delta linear plus) funziona correttamente per 30 minuti dopodiché l’estrusore viene disattivato. L’errore riportato dall’host parla di disattivazione dell’heater per inattività nonostante la stampante stesse lavorando. Come posso ovviare al problema??

  4. Leigh Green

    I notice also – in the previous version (4.3.4) – the configurator does not Ask for the Stepper type, i.e. 4988, DRV8825, etc. and I notice the CS_PIN’s enabled in definitions for all Steppers, other than Z3.
    Is the assumption that this was intended in the first instance to support TMC SPI selectable Drivers – and as such in the 4.3.4 config any CS PIN definitions can easily be removed if using DRV8825, etc. As in the later config of 4.3.6 at least when defining 4988 or 8825 the CS_PIN defines appear to be gone…

    That would make sense why it is not defined for Z3 since that driver would need to be off board due to the RAMPSFD, etc. only supporting 6 Onboard Steppers, and Z3 makes the 7th driver.

  5. Leigh Green

    I just love the fact either way with this MarlinKimbra firmware – I spent about 3 weeks trying to get various Repetier configs, straight Marlin configs, etc. installed and working and it was only stumbling on your configurator that has saved the day – keep up the good work.

    I am just trying to get a feel for why the Z3 and Z4 steppers were removed after 4.3.4? I have been struggling for the past couple of days to get a 3 x Z stepper Marlin working with 4.3.6 and Ramps FD v1 and an external 4 stepper CNC shield and so on…to find a portion of code stating “Now Z3 and Z4 disabled” – I still persisted and altered Source all over the place but could still get no more than 2 steppers working for Z (and even then it was using one of the onboard Extruder definitions.
    I managed to get Z2 working when defined as E3 or E4 and redefining those pins to the Servo Digital pins – which I do not need (at this time.) – and that worked fine, but could not get Z3 or Z4 to work…

    Then I figured, Hmmm maybe the fact it says “Now Disabled” might mean that it did exist at one point, and my seeing various elements of code still showing Z3 and Z4, etc. was testiment to that, and of course Repetier code in the configurator still has those sort of options available…

    HOWEVER – I am wanting to use 4.3.6 for latest couple of features and stability of course, but wondering what the Main reasoning for removing Z3, Z4 support was?
    Further to this – if there is a chance I/we could be informed as to which lines of code to Add/Remove/Uncomment/Comment in order to re-enable them, since for the most part it looks like most of the gutts of code is there and just needs some minor tweaking…

    Many Regards

  6. Duarte Silva

    Hi guys, sorry for the English, but I don’t know Italian :(.
    I’ve used the configurator tool for the 4.3.6 release, but the #defines in the code are not updated properly, though there is a “Start configuration string” with a json like configuration in the Configuration_Overall.h that seems to have the correct values.

    What am I missing here ?
    Thanks in advance!

  7. BobA

    The firmware works badly through the Octoprint or through the cable, always resets the temperature of the extruder.

  8. sagias

    ho problemma con la nuova versione si blocca tutto

  9. Nervino666

    Buon giorno magokimbra ho provato ad implementare la scheda Z_RIBV2.1 ma senza successo. E’ possibile una guida su come posso fare? Ringrazio
    Cordialmente Francesco.

  10. Nervino666

    Buon giorno a tutti, sono nuovo mi sto cimentando ora alla stampa 3d. Cortesemente qualcuno può dirmi se questo firmware monta su scheda ZRIB 2.1 ? grazie.

  11. red69

    Ho una CTC 10S che monta un controller equipaggiato con un Atmel 128 4p.
    Come devo impostare i varo parametri sul configuratore automatico?
    Grazie per le eventuali risposte

    • MagoKimbra MagoKimbra

      E non conosco la scheda che monta una CTC 10S.. Dovresti fornirmi maggiori informazioni.

  12. Servando Hernandez

    First Thanks for your great job.
    Recently i´ve mounted a Ramps FD V1 with Due and I´m having troubles with the EEPROM. I have a little module with 24c256 conected to I2C (0) but i think it doesn´t work. Is there any tip to configure it

  13. claudio51

    funziona con Anycubic Kossel Delta Plus? Dove trovo il link per scaricarlo? Grazie

    • MagoKimbra MagoKimbra

      Qui sul blog c’è il configuratore per configurarlo e scaricare il firmware.

  14. BerniApple

    Ho provato a compilare l’ultima versione (4.3.6) abilitando la funzione autobed leveling UBL, questo è l’errore.
    sketch/src/feature/bedlevel/ubl/ubl_g29.cpp: In static member function ‘static void unified_bed_leveling::move_z_with_encoder(const float&)’:
    sketch/src/feature/bedlevel/ubl/ubl_g29.cpp:765:18: error: ‘class Commands’ has no member named ‘reset_stepper_timeout’
    commands.reset_stepper_timeout(); // Keep steppers powered

    Sapete aiutarmi?