New Version 4.3.6

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### Version 4.3.6
* Make class Mechanics to static
* Add Junction Deviation instead of traditional Jerk limiting
* Add Adaptive multiaxis step smoothing
* Add M205 J – Set Junction Deviation mm
* Add Bézier Jerk Control
* Add Safety Timer, after 30 minutes if not printing (SD or M530 S1) the heaters switch off.
* Rewrite SD Restart for auto restart when power loss and return.
* Add command gcode M569 for Stepper driver control: Dir, minimum pulse and maximum rate.
* Add Hysteresis in EEPROM
* Fix and clear code

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Comments (6)

  1. Avatar red69

    Ho una CTC 10S che monta un controller equipaggiato con un Atmel 128 4p.
    Come devo impostare i varo parametri sul configuratore automatico?
    Grazie per le eventuali risposte

    • MagoKimbra MagoKimbra

      E non conosco la scheda che monta una CTC 10S.. Dovresti fornirmi maggiori informazioni.

  2. Avatar Servando Hernandez

    First Thanks for your great job.
    Recently i´ve mounted a Ramps FD V1 with Due and I´m having troubles with the EEPROM. I have a little module with 24c256 conected to I2C (0) but i think it doesn´t work. Is there any tip to configure it

  3. Avatar claudio51

    funziona con Anycubic Kossel Delta Plus? Dove trovo il link per scaricarlo? Grazie

    • MagoKimbra MagoKimbra

      Qui sul blog c’è il configuratore per configurarlo e scaricare il firmware.

  4. Avatar BerniApple

    Ho provato a compilare l’ultima versione (4.3.6) abilitando la funzione autobed leveling UBL, questo è l’errore.
    sketch/src/feature/bedlevel/ubl/ubl_g29.cpp: In static member function ‘static void unified_bed_leveling::move_z_with_encoder(const float&)’:
    sketch/src/feature/bedlevel/ubl/ubl_g29.cpp:765:18: error: ‘class Commands’ has no member named ‘reset_stepper_timeout’
    commands.reset_stepper_timeout(); // Keep steppers powered

    Sapete aiutarmi?