Installing MK4duo

1.AVR and SAM #

  1. Install the LATEST non-beta Arduino IDE: and download LATEST board SAM!
  2. Download the MK4duo firmware: (Use the green “Download Zip” button on the right)
  3. Some boards require special files and/or libraries from the Arduino directory. For Alligator Board add this link in Arduino IDE File -> Preferences -> Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  4. Start the Arduino IDE
  5. Select File -> Preferences -> “Compiler warning” and select “none”
  6. Select Tools -> Board -> Arduino Due (Native USB port) or Alligator Board R2 3D printer controller (USB/MCU native)
  7. Select the correct serial port in Tools ->Serial Port
  8. Open MK4duo.ino
  9. Click the Verify/Compile button
  10. Click the Upload button. If all goes well the firmware is uploading to the board!
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2.STM32 Cores #

Launch Arduino IDE. Click on “File” menu and then “Preferences“.

The “Preferences” dialog will open, then add the following link to the “Additional Boards Managers URLs” field:

Click “Ok“. Click on “Tools” menu and then “Boards > Boards Manager“.

The board manager will open and you will see a list of installed and available boards. Select “Contributed” type.

Select the “STM32 Cores” and click on install. After installation is complete an “INSTALLED” tag appears next to the core name.

You can close the Board Manager. To upload through SWD (STLink), Serial or DFU, STM32CubeProgrammer needs to be installed. Now you can find the STM32 boards package in the “Board” menu.

Select the desired boards series: Example Rumba32.

Setting all option in this mode.

Upload process:

  1. Press and hold RUMBA32 BOOT button.
  2. Press and release RUMBA32 RESET button.
  3. Release RUMBA32 BOOT button.
  4. RUMBA32 is now in hardware bootloader mode and will accept firmware upload via USB DFU.
  5. Press “Upload” in Arduino IDE. If correctly configured and connected, the upload should be successful.
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