New Version 4.3.3 stable

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* Add command M306 – Set Heaters parameters.

* Add G26 Mesh validation

* Update Nextion Firmware with new graphics by Mr Goblin.

* New calculation system for thermistors

* Add command M305 – Set thermistor and ADC parameters and DHT sensor parameters

* Add M303 R<Method> 0 = Classic Pid, 1 = Some overshoot, 2 = No Overshoot, 3 = Pessen Pid

* Unified commands M320 and M420 in M420 for all Bed Level

* Add subcode to M106 – P<fan> S<speed> F<frequency> U<pin> L<min speed> I<inverted logic>

* Add option for SD card SDCARD_SORT_ALPHA (By Marlin)

* Add M36 – Set SD Card Sorting Options

* Add Unified Bed Level (UBL) for Cartesian, Core and Delta

* Add support for DHT11, DHT21 and DHT22 Temperature/Humidity sensors (Only for test)

* Add subcommand S to M600 for change temperature

* New Class Heater for 4 Hotend 1 Bed 1 Chamber 1 Cooler

* Now Probe offset is a variable.

* New command for compatibility with Marlin, M851 X Y Z for setting Probe Offset

* New management commands

* New classes created

* Many changes made

* Add Adafruit NeoPixel Led

* Add Extruder Encoder for control filament movement (Experimental)

* Now all types of delta autocalibration can be done with probe_manually and lcd

* Create class bedlevel and probe

* G30 now have Z e P sub command. Z1 modify Delta Height and P1 modify Probe Z offset.

* Add Hardware PWM for SAM processor

* Add M114 D for Detail position, leveled, unlevel, stepper

* Add MKR12 system for 12 extruder with 16 relé and 4 driver

* Support to 12 Extruder

* Add support for PCA9632 PWM RGB LED

* Add support DAV System (By D’angella Vincenzo)

* Swap on Alligator board Heater_0 with Heater_Bed because this pin is Hardware PWM.

* Add User menu LCD

* Write Kinematic function for Cartesian, Core and DELTA. SCARA for now not implemented.

* Add ADVANCED PAUSE FEATURE (Ex Filament Change. Requires an LCD display)

* Add PARK HEAD ON PAUSE (Park head on SD pause or M125 commands. Requires an LCD display)

* Add M125 – Store current position and move to pause park position.

* Add automatic call M600 with one extruder and ADVANCED PAUSE FEATURE when change tools

* Add STATUS MESSAGE SCROLLING. The message on lcd scroll right to the left.

* Add ANET board for A2, A6 and A8 printer

* Add ANET full graphics lcd